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Life of SoRi

Born in 1990, Seoul, Sori Kim left South Korea to study in Japan in early teens. She was a cheerleader of her high school, which is the base experience that made her yearn for the stage.

After 3 years of college education in Japan, Sori was signed to M.O.L.E as a trainee in 2013, and debuted the following year on TV playing a high school girl in KBS drama, "Love in Highschool."

With Coco Lee, Sori formed the half of k-pop duo "CoCoSoRi" and released their debut single "Dark Circle" in 2016, followed by "Exquisite," a Japanese exclusive "Itoshino Mermaid," and "Mi Amor" in 2018.

 In 2017, Sori also has shown her acting prowess in "The idolm@ster.KR," an Amazon Prime Original TV series, which is available world-wide. With the cast of the show, Sori joined Real Girls Project, (R.G.P) a girl group that is based on the show.

 In early 2018, Sori was starred in a TV talent show, JTBC's "MIXNINE" and was ranked 7th amongst all female contestants.

While showing the audience her candid life through her YouTube channel, "Sori Not Sorry," Sori has recently challenged herself by becoming a solo artist, releasing the first single "Touch" (ft.BASICK) in Sep. 4th, 2018.

SoRi released her second single "I'm Ready (FEAT. JAEHYUN)" in Dec. 20th, 2018.

She still wishes to hold her solo concert in near future.

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